Remind Texts

Starting on Monday, January 28, text notifications will be ending for Verizon Wireless customers who use the free Remind service. People who normally get  Remind messages as texts may no longer receive them. If you have Verizon Wireless as your phone carrier: You’ll no longer receive Remind text notifications.

Students Mediate

Seventh graders in Ms. Charara’s class learned all about mindfulness and the power of mediation. They started off the week by reading, reflecting, and writing about the topic. They then had a special yoga specialist come and teach them first hand yoga techniques and mindfulness practices.

SEDSAC Leadership Opportunity

The Superintendent and Executive Directors’ Student Advisory Council (SEDSAC) would like to provide leadership opportunities for 6th- 8th grade students with a focus on community service, social issues that impact their education and overall district related concerns. The deadline for application submission is on December 12, 2018.   Interested students can apply using the following link: … Read more

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