Academic Games

Congratulations to the Academic Team from Woodworth for finishing second in the district.

Eight of our students finished in the top 25 scorers for the district-including the top scorer for the whole district!

Main F. 7th grader –  First Place
Bashar M. 7th grader  –  Fifth Place
Mohammed H.  6th grader – Sixth Place
Zeinab E. 7th grader – Seventh Place
Ebrahim M. 6th grader – Eighth Place
Jana H. 6th grader – Twenty-first Place
Ahmed B. 8th grader – Tied for twenty-fourth place
Wafaa D. 6th grader – Tied for twenty-fourth place

Woodworth was well represented this year by 35 of it’s top math students. We are extremely proud of the hard work that these students put forth in order to become successful.


Ms. Dowgiallo & Ms. Distelrath

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