Happy March is Reading Month!

We are kicking off March is Reading Month with read aloud picture books and writing about theme. Our students are truly enjoying having their teachers read to them during their A2 or Advisory hour first thing every morning over the next few days. The students will vote for their favorite book and decorate their classroom door based on the theme of the book they chose. Later in March the students will vote for their favorite decorated door and a special breakfast and prize will be awarded to the winning classroom.

Please encourage your child to read voraciously throughout the month in order to help them improve their reading fluency and comprehension. We thank you for your continued support.

Students listen to Mr. Kontos as he reads aloud to the class.



Mr. Sute’s 7th grade A2 enjoy a read aloud.

Mr. Sute reading with his students.

7th graders listen respectfully as Mr. Sute shares a favorite story.

Ms. Olzak reads a story to her 7th graders.

7th graders are enjoying a read aloud as part of March is Reading month.

Students enjoy a read aloud.

Students listening to a book read aloud by Mr. Pfleghaar.

Ms. Tanner’s 8th grade A2 enjoy a read aloud in a circle.

Ms. Tanner displays the cover of a favorite story.

Ms. Zreik and Ms. Tanner together with students, kicking off March is Reading month.

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