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First Day of School Tomorrow


We’re all excited and eager to begin the 2019-20 school year. As you know, Monday is the first day of school; students will attend all their classes, and will be dismissed at 11:05 am. I’d like to answer a few questions to help with the morning.

6th grade students are to wait outside door number 1.

7th grade students are to wait outside of door 25.

8th grades students are to wait outside of door 2

If your student was unable to get their schedule have them report to the cafeteria . Door number 9 will be open for them to access entry to the cafeteria.
If you’re wondering about supplies, just make sure they have something to write with and something to write on and we’ll be able to help from there. Please remember that drop off and pick up on Ternes is one way only. There is be no parking or standing only drop off and pick up. Pull up as far as you can to drop off your child. Do not drop off or pick up in the middle of the road as that is unsafe. We want all of our students to arrive safely to school. Lastly, we recognize that for some of our students this is all new. There will be adults all around the building, encourage them to ask one of us if they have any questions.

Also, please refer to our school code of conduct expectations. There is a tab on our home page that reviews all of our school expectations.


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