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Remote Learning – Staying Connected

Beginning this week teachers will be contacting all students in an effort to open lines of communication, share the way in which virtual learning will happen, and begin teaching and learning. It is our expectation that every student will check in with all their teachers daily and that the work that is assigned gets turned in electronically by the due dates. 

Please be on the lookout for emails, Remind, Google Classroom invites and updates, iLearn assignments, iBlog posts, and any other way that your children’s teachers typically communicate with you. 

There are many things still undecided, but we will update you as those decisions or changes get made. Thank you all for your gracious support and understanding as we move towards a virtual learning experience.

Below is a great video our very own Mr. Mustonen did for his students. The video is about five tips to being a better online learner.

Here is the YouTube link for the video:

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