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IMPORTANT INFORMATION/2nd Notice – Regarding Course Selections for the 2020-2021 School Year

If you missed the first notice regarding the course selection for 2020-2021 school year, we have opened the window for you again. Ms. Gronau sent an email again to all students. This is to REMIND YOU to complete your Course Selections for next school year (2020-2021) if you have not done so already.  Students that have already completed their course selections from the original email sent out on April 28th, are all set and DO NOT need to do this again or respond to this email.  Thank you if you have already completed this task.    This is only for those students that may have missed the first email notice that was sent out on April 28th thru May 5th.  Woodworth has re-opened the Time Window for students that still need to make their course selections. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you complete this task, so that you will have a schedule for next year that includes elective classes of YOUR CHOICE.  The time window to complete this task will begin TODAY, May 14th thru Friday, May 22nd.  The window will close after this time period, and you will no longer be able to complete or make changes to your schedule.  
  To complete this task, please Login to your Student Connect and you will find a “Course Selection” link to choose your electives classes for next year. At the bottom of this email, I have included both written instructions, and a link to a video that will help you successfully complete this task.  Please read the instructional attachment and watch the video, do not ignore these helpful tools.  When you have finished your course selections, please be sure to share your final selections with your Parent/Guardian for their approval of your elective choices.  If you have any questions regarding this task, please your counselor, Ms. Gronau at and she will assist you.

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