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Reminder: Tomorrow Pick up Certification of Completion tomorrow from 10-12

Eighth Grade Drive-by Promotion Ceremony 2020 

On June 11th  from 10:00-12:00 we will honor our eighth graders through a drive by promotion ceremony. We are very proud of our eighth graders and we want to congratulate them even if we cannot hold an actual ceremony. Everyone must remain in their cars and drive by to pick up their certification of completion. We are kindly asking that you do not walk to the school in order to honor CDC regulations.  We will be off of Hubbard St. at door number # 7. This will be one way traffic only on Hubbard facing Greenfield.  

Please read the directions below:

  1. Parents must accompany students; you must have a parent with you.
  2. Parents/Students will stay in their vehicles at all times.
  3. Make sure your name is visible from the outside of the car by placing a sign with your name on the passenger window.
  4. Asking for your patience as we have a lot of students coming to pick up their certificate of completion. 

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