Woodworth Middle School

Congratulations to our 8th Graders on their Promotion!

Rain or shine we were determined to celebrate our 8th graders! Despite the rain, we had a great time! It was so lovely to see all of our smiling student faces and their families! Thank you to our staff and PTA for helping us celebrate our students accomplishments. We wish our students all the best as they move onto high school.

Staff and students cheering on 8th graders
Students cheering for our 8th graders
Staff passing out certificates/awards
Staff celebrating the moment
Staff celebrating the moment
Students congratulating 8th graders
Staff and students enjoying the celebration
Our PTA always showing their support – join our PTA today!
PTA members and Ms. Hassan celebrating our wonderful 8th graders!
Ms. Charara trying to stay dry in the rain.
Student taking a picture with his certificate
Teachers having fun outside waiting for 8th graders to arrive
District City Champs showing their support for 8th graders.