Woodworth Middle School

Woodworth Culture Night

Diversity across the country continues to increase exponentially. Children today grow up and function in a diverse society with differences regarding convictions, beliefs, and practices. It is imperative that schools, parents, and educators promote tolerance. Teaching tolerance, empathy, and acceptance are essential in order to prepare our students for our diverse world.

Throughout the past month, students at Woodworth have been engaging in lessons and activities related to the rich and diverse cultures that encompass our community. Many games and activities have been created to enhance their cultural awareness. Students will get an opportunity to showcase their creativity by creating any form of art that portrays their culture and will be entered into an art contest. 

We have also invited guest speakers from our community such as Amjad Al-Hussain, Mayor Abdullah Hammoud, Halal Food Junkie, Amer Zahr, Sara Alduais (19-year-old new Author who went to Dearborn Public Schools), and our very own Ms. Salwa Mawari to speak to our students about their positive experiences while being from the community.

On Friday, May 20th, 2022, Woodworth students and staff would like to welcome you to our first annual cultural night. Students have and will continue to work hard to present the work they have done in their classes. During culture night we will have activity stations run by our students and their teachers.