Monday, October 2, 2017



Woodworth Middle School
Daily Announcements
Monday, October 2, 2017

1) Lunch choices: Monday…Ravioli, cheese pockets, nachos
Tuesday…Breakfast, cheese pockets
Wednesday…Halal Hot Dog, cheese pockets, nachos
Thursday…Galaxy Pizza, cheese pockets
Friday…Shrimp Poppers, cheese pockets, nachos

2) The 6th Annual Robert Cipriano Memorial Cross Country Meet will be held on October
23rd at Ford Field Park in Dearborn. All students are welcome to participate in the 2 mile run. Interested students must sign-up and turn in their $3.00 registration fee by
October 11th. See any PE teacher for more information and to sign-up. Thank you.

3) Basketball intramural sports will be on 10/3 with Mr. Rashad. See Mr. Rashad
in the counseling office to sign up. Taking the first 25 students.

4) There will be intramural soccer this Thursday (10/5) from 3-4pm. Space is limited
to the first 26 students. See Mr. Robar to sign-up.

5) Beginning this week, Monday, October 2, 2017, all students must have a current library ID
card in order to check out books! NO exceptions!

6) Student Friendly Reminder: All students must have a pass from their teacher to
come to the Main Office. Students should always report to class for attendance and
then ask for a pass to the Main Office. Students should not come to the Main Office
between classes or without a pass from your teacher. Thank you!

7) Please start collecting Box Tops. An award will be be given to the top A2 with the most
Box Tops For Education collected. 5 box tops = 1 pride signature.

8) Students who want/need to purchase a planner for $5 may do so in the Main Office
during A2 with a pass from their teacher. Lanyard/pouch combo may be
purchased in the Main Office during A2 with a pass from your teacher for $3.



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